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Can you believe this bullshit posted on a friend's FB status?

"Thanks Obama and your legislation of idiots for making it legal to slaughter horses again in the hopes that you will earn the USA money to get out of the debt you have helped create. What you do not seem to realize is that the majority of the horses sent to slaughter auctions are stolen from ranches and horse shows. A lot of them do have owners and microchips that lead back to families but of course you have yet to create a plan on how to identify horses and send them back home and you forget that horse slaughter is done so incredibly inhumane that America still hasn't figured out how to be kind to animals already legalized for slaughter, what in the hell makes you think horses will be any different you morons."

My response:


Okay, first of all, the Bush administration is responsible for the vast debt we're in. Clinton left with a surplus, then two ridiculous wars Bush started wiped that out.

Second of all, I would love to see some references citing that "the majority" of auction horses are being stolen from ranches and horse shows. I'm willing to bet most of them are untrained crap that never should have been bred in the first place by idiots who can't afford them or care for them or train them and don't give two shits about their well being.

And thirdly, as wretched as animal slaughter may be here in the US, I assure you it's done a fucking hell of a lot more humanely here than in Mexico where they stab horses in the spine repeatedly before stringing them up by a hind leg and slashing their throats, and that's IF the horses survive the 20+ hour terrifying trip there without being trampled to death first. At least here they can be regulated and experience a lot less horror.

The real problem is the people who keep fucking BREEDING horses and then send them to auction when they realize they can't even give away NICE horses these days! And let's not forget the industries that are racing and showing fucking two-year-old babies that are inevitably lame by the time they're five or six and can't go on to useful second careers. As long as THIS kind of shit keeps happening, slaughter will keep happening, be it here or elsewhere, because it's always cheaper than euthanasia, and the people who don't care about the animals can make a quick buck off of it. The entire horse world needs to change. But since that's not likely to happen any time soon, like in my lifetime, I'd grudgingly rather see slaughter be regulated here than sending horses to a far worse fate in Mexico."


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