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Yoinked from [ profile] urox

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Today is our first anniversary! Yay! The year just flew by, it's hard to believe it's been that long already. Tonight we're having dinner at La Fondue, yum!

Happy Anniversary, Josh! ^____^


May. 10th, 2008 11:53 am
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Last night when I got home I was ambushed.

Josh and his bike were out in the driveway, with an extra helmet and set of gloves sitting on the trunk of his car. Panic set in as soon as I saw those. I asked him what he was doing. He said it was a beautiful night and he'd been out riding. I asked why Deanne was here (it was her helmet sitting on his car), and he said she wasn't, he'd just borrowed it. Then he said we were going out for a ride!

Please note that while I think motorcycles look cool and everything, I am *terrified* of being on one. It's not so much the bike itself that scares me, but rather all the other drivers on the road. I have the same fear with regular bicycles - I like riding them fine, but if anyone or anything gets near me (pedestrian, car, another bike, fire hydrant, whatever), I panic and usually crash. So I don't ride bikes. Why don't horses scare me? Because they can't go 80+ mph, and if something is on a collision course with them, they'll get out of the way!

Anyway. This wasn't the first time I'd been ambushed and tried to be forced onto the bike, but I guess last night after more than two years of fighting it I just cracked. I was in a good mood after hanging out with some friends at the stable, and I guess I finally decided to face the inevitable.

I think I only screamed two or three times.

I don't know how long we were out, 30-45 minutes maybe. I had my eyes shut for much of the time in the beginning so I wouldn't panic, but it turned out to not be so bad; it was a little like being on a rollercoaster what with the wind rushing by. I just tried not to think about how fast we were going and to not look at the ground. Most of the time I was fine, just when we took some sharper turns and he sped WAY up it freaked me out.

So while I got through it and it wasn't horrible, I'll stick to horses, thanks!
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Josh sent me roses at work, awww! *^_^* Lots of bouquets were being delivered and I kind of wished I would get one, too, and then I did! That made my day. He also got me what I suppose is now our "traditional" Valentine's gift, Sharks tickets! =D And they're for a night when they're playing the Anaheim Ducks, too, so it's sure to be action-packed. I got him a case of imported beers (I guess that's not very romantic, but I was pretty sure it was something he'd like!) and a neat-looking glass penguin paperweight thing I've been hanging on to since last May when I bought it on our trip to Connecticut.

Here are the roses:
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And I just realized my camera's had the wrong date on it all this time! Phooey! I changed it to 2007 now. I'll have to remember that any pictures I took that say January or February 2006 may actually be from 2007!
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I met with the florist this morning to re-do the colors for the flowers now that we HAVE colors (changed around things to ivory instead of white, dark purple and lavender mix, pinks instead of blues). I was late and I took the wrong exit on the freeway, so I called to let them know. I was told they had a walk-in customer anyway, so I had plenty of time to get there before they'd be done with her. It turns out she wasn't a walk-in, someone had double-booked the 10am time slot. The other girl was also named Christine (or some variation), so the florist thought it was me and was confused when I arrived, thinking she had already finished that appointment. So when I got there I ended up waiting around for 10 minutes or so, not really a big deal.

Then this afternoon Josh and I went to Santa Cruz to see a movie and go to the Tea House Spa (you get a private room where you sit in a hot tub and drink tea and the scenery is sort of Japanese-ish). It's very relaxing, and the jasmine tea was good (better than the spearmint tea we tried last time, I thought). The movie we saw was Pan's Labyrinth (although the real title in Spanish was just "The Labyrinth of the Faun," so I don't know why they bothered changing it to "Pan's Labyrinth" in English). It's a Spanish film (English subtitles) that takes place during the Spanish Civil War in 1944, and it's pretty much a portrait of a young girl dealing with the horrible life she's having to live with her mother and new evil step-father (a Captain in the army and the guy in charge of the base where they're living). She's obsessed with fairy tales, and there are these weird ruins next to the base (it's in a forest), and she kind of creates her own fantasy world as a sort of escape from her real life. In it, she's the reincarnation of the long-lost princess of the underworld, and in order to return home to her kingdom, there are three tasks set to her by a faun in the labyrinth (the ruins) to prove her purity (non-mortalness) before she can be allowed back.

I will say this: the fantasy creatures and settings are truly stunning to look at. But aside from that, everything else about her fantastic adventures is rather, well, SCARY. The creatures, both the good and the bad ones, were just plain creepy looking. So I was both fascinated and horrified watching this movie. I was wary of it from the start, as it is rated R, and with GOOD reason! Only some scenes here and there are the actual fantasy story; the rest of it is quite a horrific war story, and violence (including gory scenes) abounds. I ended up shutting my eyes through a good chunk of the "real" story. So while this movie is very creative and interesting, bizarre even, it's also quite graphic. If you have a weak stomach for violence (like me), I don't think I could recommend it. Otherwise, I'd call it a twisted new spin on an Alice-in-Wonderland-type tale and worth seeing.
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Yesterday when I got home from work I found my computer in an odd state. For the most part it looked fine, except that one of my hard drives said it was no longer formatted! It acted as though it were completely empty, totally blank, nothing on it, when I KNEW that wasn't the case. Needless to say I was freaking out since I had TONS of stuff on it that I needed to get to. Thankfully I live with a wonderful computer geek who fixed the problem for me. ^_~

I guess there are some errors somewhere on the drive, but I haven't run into them yet. At least everything on it is recognizable again so I can actually access it. Today I ran out after work and bought yet another external hard drive to back it all up on. I don't know what happened to screw up the thing in the first place, but I guess I'll be leaving my computer off from now on while I'm at work! Damn machines can't be trusted to be left on their own.
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Hehe, 3 new pictures on my user info. ^_^

The first one is from last year when I went to a group dinner with Josh and his motorcycling friends from South Bay Riders. The next two are from our trip to Connecticut, one in his family's backyard and one in his grandfather's plane (that his grandfather built!). Shameless plug, in the third picture I'm wearing this shirt, with butterfly design by my incredibly talented artist friend Shellie. Check out her store! =D
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As of tonight, Josh and I are engaged! ^_______^

Apparently he had planned on proposing after the play we're seeing tomorrow night (Peter Pan), but nervousness/jitters got the best of him and he decided to ask tonight on our 6 month anniversary. Of course I immediately accepted!

I'll post a pic of the ring later. The only thing certain about the wedding right now is we want to have it in San Jose. As for anything else, I have no idea yet. There'll be plenty of time for that, right now I'm just incredibly thrilled!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
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Josh and I are moving into an apartment together at the end of the week! ^_^

It's a two bedroom place in a nice area over by Oak Grove High School, near where Blossom Hill and Snell meet in south San Jose. They allow pets, which is cool; my stupid last apartment didn't. I'll also have a slightly shorter drive to the stable by being able to just go straight up 85.

This means I'm going to be very busy for a while! I have so much stuff...I won't be taking it all with me, but I'll still have a ton of packing to do. Time to get busy!
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I got to go to TWO Sharks games this week! And they won both times! ^_____^

Thursday night I went with Josh to the game for my Valentine's Day gift. We had really good seats and the game was a lot of fun. Sharks were playing the Oilers and they won 5-2. There was no scoring in the first period, then they tied 2-2 in the second, and then the Sharks got 3 more in the third. It was really funny during one of the intermissions, they had some kids playing Musical Chairs on the ice with inflatable chairs. They kept leaping for them, so of course they went kersplat on the ice while the chairs flipped over and slid away. Hilarious! As an added bonus, Josh may be starting to like hockey. *g*

Today I went to the Sharks game with my family for my early birthday present. Sharks were playing the Predators, and holy crap what a wild game. There were a bazillion penalties and a couple of big fights broke out in the first period, which ended up in a bunch of guys on both sides getting really long penalties and game misconduct calls against them. In the second period a couple of them even threw a few punches at each other over the glass barrier while on their benches. No scoring again the first period of this game, then they each got 1 in the second. Sharks got another goal on a power play in the third and held on to the lead for a long time, but then with ten seconds left to go in the period the Predators scored and tied it up again. So the game went into 5 minute overtime, and the Sharks managed to get a third goal. The game was very edge-of-your-seat, though, because the Sharks had tons of opportunities to score throughout and couldn't manage it well. They seriously outshot the other team, like 40-16.

Both were very exciting games and a lot of fun to see in person!
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Day(s) because I sort of had two of them. Valentine's Day morning I dropped Josh off at the big computer security conference they're having this week in downtown San Jose. It was the perfect chance to show off my "I ♥ MY GEEK" t-shirt from, so that's what I wore. =D Anyway, the conference is where his father and friend [ profile] thespatula are working, so he got to hang out with them all day and collect tons of free stuff that various computer companies were giving away. When it ended at 5pm I picked up him and [ profile] thespatula, and we all went over to Japantown for dinner. Japanese food, yay! The fried banana and green tea ice cream for dessert was especially good. I gave Josh a few little trinkets for the actual holiday: a plush penguin wearing a sweater with hearts on it, a penguin keychain, and Jamba Juice card. I also managed to find a Valentine's Day card with a penguin on it! Anyone notice a theme here?

The next day on the 15th we did our actual Valentine's Day dinner date thing. We went to a fancy little Italian restaurant in Saratoga called The Basin that Josh's aunt and uncle had recommended. It was a really nice place, super friendly and fast service, low-key atmosphere, interesting selection of food. I had one of their specials, a sort of spaghetti dish with fresh crab on top, and it was just a touch spicy and really good. Dessert was a molten chocolate bomb, or something like that, which was also very yummy. We exchanged Valentine's gifts at the restaurant, too. I got him this cute penguin candle holder with various penguins in snowy scenery, one of which is in an actual snow globe (someone explain that one to use the thing to hold a LIT candle!). But I thought it was pretty anyway. Josh's present was tickets for us to go see a Sharks game!!! I'm super happy about that because I just love going to Sharks games, and he's going to come with me even though he has absolutely no interest in hockey. Awww, isn't that sweet? I love my boyfriend! ^_^

Edit: I forgot to mention I also got an lj rose from him! ^^ It's in my userinfo, hehe.

Santa Cruz

Jan. 8th, 2006 11:23 pm
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I had a fun day with Josh in Santa Cruz this weekend. I hadn't been there in a long time, and the only reason I ever go there in the first place is to go to the Boardwalk. My parents were both very surprised that we didn't go to the Boardwalk; I guess that's the only thing my family (me included) thinks there is in Santa Cruz. But no, for once I didn't actually go to the Boardwalk; I did get to try a lot of new things instead.

First we went to the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot, which is a cabin built on a hillside at a weird angle. So the entire thing is tilted and you have to stand on a pretty big slant the whole time. There are a lot of optical illusions going on because of all the oddly slanted pieces of wood that are supposed to make you think gravity is working differently. It's kind of amusing and interesting, but it's not like it's inexplicable as they'd like you to believe. I think the enjoyment factor was maily due to the entertaining tour guide we had. ^^ What I was surprised by was how busy the place was! There were lots of people there, and this this is way back in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. I'm guessing the popularity was due to the fact that there was an article in the paper about it a few days ago; that's how I heard about it anyway. The gift shop had paperweights with real scorpions in them, eww!! >_< They should've had banana slugs, that would have been more appropriate...

After the Mystery Spot we went to the Tea House Spa. I had no idea what this was. It's a nice little place where you rent a room for an hour that has a hot tub and a sauna in it and you get tea to drink. More firsts for me because I'd never been to a place like this, I can't remember the last time I got in a hot tub, and I don't drink tea. The tea was spearmint and actually pretty good; I have this expectation that all tea is bitter and icky, which is why I'm very wary of it and reluctant to ever try it. And the hot tub was (duh) hot! I think I'm too sensitive and just don't deal well with extreme temperatures. Sitting in the water took some getting used to, although it was nice, but I couldn't stay in it for too terribly long. I think I spent more time leaning against the cool rock wall than actually submerged in the water itself. ^^;

Next we went walking around downtown Santa Cruz, which I'd also never done before. It's like an anime convention! There are lots and lots of young people, many in *cough* interesting outfits wandering around everywhere. Which makes perfect sense for the liberal college town that it is. We found a sushi place for dinner, and I tried another new thing: I ate sushi that actually had *gasp* raw fish in it for once. It tasted much as I raw fish. I ordered some sushi types that had other kinds of seafood (that were cooked), crab and prawns, yum! While I like seafood (as in shellfish), I don't actually like fish all that much, which is why when I get sushi it usually has something other than fish in it. It was really good stuff.

After dinner we found a used bookstore where I found the books I needed to fill in the missing pieces of my David Eddings series. Now all I need is Polgara the Sorceress and I'll have all of his books that I want. =)

Finally we went back to San Jose, and I had to go home so I could get up for work bright and early in the morning. All in all I had a lot of fun and thought it was a very nice way to spend the day; I wouldn't mind going back again sometime. ^_^


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