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Today Bo and I went on a nice long three hour ride, which is the longest one I've done with him thus far. We went with [ profile] greenanimal and her new friend Kathy from the barn across the street, an endurance rider with two Arabs. We walked pretty much the entire time, did a teeny bit of trotting on the way back home. We went out in the park to an area I'd never been before, next to a small lake.

We went through a cattle grazing area to get there, and Bo gave the cows a distrusting look; I don't know if he's been around cows before or not, but I kind of thought he had since he was a ranch horse. He especially looked askance at the bull we passed close by, but the bull was too busy grazing to care anything about us.

Out by the lake there are some pretty steep hills, and it's also an area hang gliders and para gliders use. The first time a para glider came in for a landing near us, Bo was quite startled! Thankfully his idea of spooking is to sort of jolt in place and take a few steps away from whatever it is. After a while he got used to all the things sailing through the sky near us, though he did keep a close eye on them. We went partway up one of the steep hills to one of the jump off points for the gliders, and we hung out while a few of them got ready to go, letting the horses graze and chill. There was a very nice view of the lake up there.

Para glider

Hang glider

[ profile] greenanimal and Magic stopping for water, para glider landing behind them

Kathy and her horse Beau also in this one. You can see how close the gliders get to where the horses are, we walked right past their landing area to get to this trough.

View of the lake, cities in the valley beyond

Bo checking out the view and gliders

Taking a snack break


You see all those little black dots in the bucket? EACH ONE IS A TICK I PULLED OFF OF BO'S LEGS AFTER THE RIDE!!! D=

How disgusting is that?! I don't think I'll be going out on the trails again until tick season is over! *puke*

I pulled a shitload of them off with my fingers after I gave him a bath, then I went down the hill to the pet store and bought a flea comb and went back over his legs a dozen times each and got even more of them. Ugh, I just hope there aren't that many left on him that escaped!

So I got the idea to drown the little fuckers in hydrogen peroxide. >:D After all, we use it to kill other kinds of bugs, why not these?

Of course now every time I feel a tiny tickle on my skin, I think it's a tick crawling on me. *shudder* Nasty little buggers!
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