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Today after work I went with my friend Melissa up to visit her horse at the barn where he's getting trained. It's called Williams Ranch, and they specialize in training and breeding draft horses.

This is her horse, Titan, a Percheron:

Our boss bought him from the police department to be on the rental string (he flunked out as a police horse), but he's terrified of everything and didn't work out. Before the police, he was an Amish cart horse for twelve years (and wore blinders all the time so he couldn't see what was around him). Anyway, Melissa fell in love with him and convinced the boss to sell him to her, and now he's getting trained not to spook at everything.

This is a Clydesdale she's considering buying, Image:

If she does get him she'll need someone to help her out with riding him, something I'd be happy to volunteer for. ;) So today we went up and I rode him around while she rode Titan. He is ginormous! Currently 17.3 hands, but he's only 4 years old and still growing. He's such a sweet horse.

This is Image and Titan from behind:

Here I am with Image after I finished riding him. Remember I'm 5'8":

And here's Melissa next to Image. She's about 5'2", so you can see how massive he is!
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